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Fantastic service
8th Oct '15

I've had to visit Phil at Software Solutions 4 times with a couple of our laptops, and every time he has been very helpful, done a fantastic job, and I know that he will do the work as quickly as he can. I trust what Phil tells me, and he offers excellent value for money for a quality service.

1st Class - Totally Recommended
8th Oct '15

What Phil doesn't know about computers probably isn't worth knowing. If you need a system - he can sort it. If you need specifics - he can sort it. If you have a problem - he can sort it.

I first bought a refurbished laptop from him two years ago for £250. To be honest I expected it to last 4-5 months. 2 years on it is still going strong. Why spend £700-800 when you can have a specific system for a 1/3rd of the price.

Phil. Genuinely nice person and always glad to help.

Alan Miller – 4 star
8th Oct '15

Got my playstation fix here was very quick I hadnt even got home and was fixed

Joanne Crusham – 5 star
8th Oct '15

Highly recommended this company. Communication first class. From walking in to walking out the standard of service was fantastic... Went above and beyond to help us fix my sons iPad. Thank you so much.

Tamla Bullen – 5 star
8th Oct '15

Highly recommend this company as the service, communication and products themselves are outstanding. Stressing at the last minute before christmas to get sorted and it was all taken care of with a prompt, easy and hassle free conversation. Could not meet a more genuine and happy gent. Thankyou so much again and all the best for your future success with the company.

Philip Rowlands – 5 star
8th Oct '15

Wanted too put a rating up myself as the owner and worker of my company honestly lots of hard work has been put into this and it all takes time too become established.
We always try too make sure our customers get good value for money for our products we supply and we always make sure the after sales and aftercare is still provided too each and everyone of our customers.We also have helped and give free advice when needed
We have a long way too go but each day as it comes and fingers crossed we can open up another shop in the near future.

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