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David Makinson
21st Mar '24

Yet again, Phil has come up trumps.

My PC had slowed to a crawl and was randomly turning itself off.

I took it to Phil and within a day I had my PC back running at full speed.

Phil always understands the problem, although for a non-technical person it can be difficult to explain, and will always come up with a fast solution.

I highly recommend Phil for any sort of computer problem.

Many thanks, again.

22nd Jan '24

What an amazing service, I wish I had known of this company and Phil much sooner. I do not think everyone appreciates the level of experience and knowledge which is utilized by people such as Phil; patient with the techno slow learner (me!) polite and friendly. Delighted 78 year old.

28th Nov '23

Phil did a great job in resuscitating my computer! At the time I was panic stricken and at a loss where to go. Well, the treatment I received was first class. In future I will always go back to Phil. A great bloke with lots of patience in understanding my dilemma. Henceforth I will never go anywhere else. If you're looking for professional help Phil is the man.

Stephen B
23rd Oct '23

Amazing service given by an expert at a fair price - Honestly can't recommend higher.

1st Oct '23

Highly recommended. Excellent service. I was concerned my laptop was beyond repair or it was going to be a costly repair. Phil looked at my laptop while I was there and solved the problem in front of me. Nothing hidden, honest . I'll definitely choose Software solution again. Thanks .

25th Sep '23

I had a blue screen error on my desk top pc. Other repair shops told me the pc wasn't worth repairing because of it's age. Phil fixed it. Reasonable price. Highly recommended.

Kieran F
18th Apr '23

Took my desktop PC in for a service and clean, Phil was super approachable and professional. He hooked up a new SSD for me and re-did all the cabling into a much tidier fashion that I had done! GPU is now running 10-15 degrees cooler since. Stellar job, would definitely recommend!

Keith Barton
10th Apr '23

Phil has been repairing my laptop and computer over the last few years, he is honest and reliable and does not overcharge for anything. In the last few weeks he has built me a new computer from scratch to suit my increasing demands and only charges less than half what you might find for sale elsewhere. He has also rebuilt my wife's laptop which was running slow and took ages to load documents and spreadsheets. It now works fast and again was inexpensive.. Give Phil a visit, you won't be disappointed

1st Feb '23

I have been using Phil for more years than I care to remember, he really is a font of all knowledge & such a pleasant man to do business with, honest & super professional. My previous visits have been regarding laptops & desktops mainly but today I took my new i-phone down to him as I was unable to understand how some of the functions worked & as always he was his usual knowledgeable self & patient as he took the time to explain things to me & my wife. Needless to say that Phil will continue to be my first port of call as has been the case previously. I believe that his wife has now opened the adjacent shop, The Dog Groomers, so I wish her well in her new business.

30th Nov '22

Phil was super! PS4 wasn’t doing what it should, he knew straight away what the issue was and had it sorted in no time! Fantastic service, highly recommend

Syd dawber
7th Nov '22

Phil is a genuine expert on all kinds of computer problems.We are very fortunate to have him in this location! I cannot speak too highly of him.

raymond winnard shevington
11th Sep '22

Cant Praise Phil enough brilliant guy he knows his job brilliant sevice and price Thank You Phil for all your help Ray

Raymond Winnard Shevington
11th Sep '22

Cant Praise Phil enough brilliant guy so helpful nothing but praise for superb job brilliant price does a superb job hes a Star Thanks Phil for all your help Ray

Dave Dean
31st Aug '22

If you need anything doing with computers contact Phil, you wont be disappointed at the price or service. thoroughly recommend. 10 out of 10 for everything.

23rd Jul '22

Phil did an excellent job of diagnosing the faults with my trusty pc, explained them to me and did an ace job of repairing it very quickly. Highly recommended if you want quality service. Thank you, again.

Julie Griffin
29th Jun '22

Phil has been repairing and helping with anything electrical for as long as I can remember ,this week he took my daughter's ipad after she had a panic over it being unfixable due to the cable breaking and remnants stuck inside the USB portal . Phil came to the rescue and I now have a happy teenager after he fixed it very quickly . Phil is a genius in this field and I would always recommend him for any help ,repair and advice and never go elsewhere ,thanks again Phil you're a lifesaver..

12th Jun '22

Always find Phil very knowledgeable and helpful evey time I visit.
His service is first class and I would recommend him as a 5 star service.
Thanks Phil.

Frances W
11th Jun '22

Excellent service, I will certainly use Phil again should I have any problems in the future.

6th Jun '22

I can highly recommend Software Solutions . Phil never fails to solve a problem and provides a highly skilled and knowledgeable friendly service at a very reasonable price.
Whatever you problem is Phil is the man to solve it. He explains what the problem is and goes through the step by step solution.

David Makinson
30th May '22

The power unit on my PC failed. I took it to Phil at 4pm and by 5:30, he was on the phone explaining what the problem was and offering a solution. Problem sorted and back using my PC the next morning. Great service!p6TMQb

6th May '22

Phil installed Bullguard on my laptop. called in and he installed while I waited. Thanks

27th Apr '22

this has got to be the best computer repair shop in the north west.took my laptop in and it was sorted in five mins.He is very friendly a he explains everything .Great service and great prices.I would not go anywhere else. THANKS PHIL

Chris Morris
20th Mar '22

A very friendly guy, who was very helpful. It’s where I’ll be going for my computer needs from now on.

Don Clucas
13th Mar '22

A genuine guy who provides an excellent service . I highly recommend.

Peter F
28th Jan '22

I called in shop by chance, described my problem printing emails with Outlook on PC. Although busy, Phil advised on possible causes and suggested a solution for me to try. It worked. Not being a computer wiz, he made it simple for me to do and I would use Phil for everything in future re computers.

John Jj
19th Dec '21

Outstanding 5***** service. Helped me out 3 times now, resolving laptop problems (that I caused) within a couple of hours. I totally recommend coming here first. Many thanks

David Littler
22nd Nov '21

Dropped off two dead laptops one that was dead and the other had loads of problems he recovered all my files including over 250,000 karaoke files, got the other one running all in double quick time even got me a new laptop to suite my needs
if your not using Software Solutions then your at the wrong place
Thanks for a great job Phil

15th Nov '21


Graham Rigby
17th Oct '21

Phil fixed my PC tower a few months ago for my home office.
However, I needed a laptop for more flexibility to run my business.
Software Solutions sold me a refurbished Dell Inspiron 1545 with new hard drive and windows 10.
Works great and fast.
Why pay £1000 when you can pick up a refurbished one with 12 months guarantee for £200, and help to save the planet.
If you need value for money computer call software solutions first

Graham Smyth
5th Oct '21

Phil has resolved my laptop issues on three separate occasions, each time providing a rapid and inexpensive solution. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone with a tech problem who doesn't wish to be stung!

Dave W
26th Sep '21

I’d spent hours fiddling with my laptop and trying to figure out why a new drive I’d installed wouldn’t work. Took it to software solutions and he fixed it in minutes. I won’t try to fix anything anymore, I now have a ‘go to’ for anything computer related. Really nice bloke, knows his trade and is extremely reasonably priced, it’s a no-brainer!

Des Forkin
9th Sep '21

My Google laptop had a total meltdown, took it to Software solutions who wiped it and re-booted in seconds and would not accept payment for such a quick fix. Top class service once again . !st visit he installed windows 10 to my old Toshiba laptop great job done very quickly.

Jack K
25th Aug '21

If you have computer issues this is the guy to see, I ripped my cpu out of it's socket when removing my cooler and he had removed it from the heatsync and installed back in the case in a matter of minutes. Top service with the best prices I seriously couldn't recommend enough.

Trev featherstone
29th Jun '21

Very good would highly recommend as fixed a few things for me know and very happy with service. XiPLGb

29th Jun '21

Ps4. Over heating and not playing games. Error codes, all the time.
Was full of dust and laser not working.
Excellent customer service, updates and pictures of the mess lol.
Is like new again. Many thanks, happy kids happy mum.

22nd Jun '21

my lenovo laptop wouldnt power up so rang them up phil said to bring it in and would try to find out what problem was ,turned out fan had seized up quickly ordered a new one and installed it also cleaned the 8yrs of dust and stuff inside it lol thanks ;o) great service and kept me up to date all through the process would highly reccomend for any computer problems will always use him

29th Apr '21

I was unable to use my Windows 10 machine it had completely locked me out of many functionality, including the start menu, the action centre, the search box et cetera Phil gave me loads of advice via email, and the issue is now resolved. Thank you.

29th Apr '21

I was unable to use my Windows 10 machine it had completely locked me out of many functionality, including the start menu, the action centre, the search box et cetera Phil gave me loads of advice via email, and the issue is now resolved. Thank you.

9th Apr '21

Couldn't boot my laptop, even with admin access, Phil did a great job and replaced a knackered keyboard to boot, thx Phil

Amy France
3rd Apr '21

I got in touch with Software solutions late February about a noisy PlayStation 4. Phil was very helpful & collected the PlayStation 1st March and told me it would be a couple of days. The day after, I got a message to say it was ready & he would drop it off on the way home. Super quick service, brilliant response and very helpful.

Thanks so much Phil, will definitely be using again for any technical needs.

Graeme Rigby
27th Feb '21

Software solutions offer a great collect and deliver service.
My computer tower was not powering up, but speaking with Phil on the phone he reassured that it just needed a new power pack, and at the same time he would service the tower, which over time was full of dust.
At the same time supplied a new Gigabyte and 2GB GT 710 graphics card

I used the collect and drop of service which was fantastic, Phil collected the unit at 5pm and 24 hrs later Phil dropped the it off at home.

The computer is now fully up and running like a new one.

I found Phil so helpful, knowledge and trustworthy.

If I need any repairs in the future I would definitely use Software solutions, such a superb service.

5 star service


Richard Jones
9th Feb '21

Fantastic service! After spending hours messing about trying to repair frozen Toshiba laptop, took it to Software Solutions. Phil rang me 45 minutes later to say he had fixed it! Very very impressed with service, and very very reasonably priced. If your computer ever breaks, put into a bag and take it to Software Solutions.

Patricia Ogden
13th Jan '21

Returning from a visit to my daughter i switched my laptop to find a damaged screen. Needless to say I was devastated. I had considered buying a screen and get someone to fit it.
I spoke to someone who advised calling a local computer shop.
I spoke to Phil and he not only gave me a price he also told me about the collect and return option. He also said he would pickup the following morning. True to his word he collected it and 6 hours later it was returned in perfect working order and even cheaper than the quote.
A very professional man but polite and so very helpful.
I cannot recommend this business enough. Thank you Phil and software solutions for such a great job.

John Parkes
6th Sep '20

Correction to my testimonial of 5th September, should of course have read "Phil's shop on Park Road" NOT "Gidlow Lane"..............apologies Phil.....

John Parkes
5th Sep '20

I called into Phil's shop on Gidlow Lane yesterday morning, I have been using him for many years now & can't recommend him enough, on this occasion I was having problems with the Wi-fi connection to my printer. Phil isn't currently doing any home visits due to Covid, however, he still took the time to explain verbally what he saw as the possible problem & also gave me written instructions of how to go about rectifying it myself. This was extremely useful & I'm pleased to say that everything is working fine again now.

Andy Grundy
16th Aug '20

Thank you for sorting out a wiring issue with my PC and DVD writer.
The advice and service you offered demonstrates a high professional service which was completed in one day.
Your customer service went above and beyond.

E Jones
13th Aug '20

Very impressed with the service Phil provided, very quick and would highly recommend.

Dave G.
12th Aug '20

Brilliant in all senses of the word.

My Lenovo Laptop recently went into Blue Screen mode with a Critical Message displayed. I tried to get back into it in Safe Mode but that never went. I was completely stuck and not wanting to lose any files or old Photo's I hunted the reviews to get the thing sorted or at best my photo's back. I found Phil at Software Solutions (Wigan) and the Genius came and collected it with the promise he would do his best. He did better than that. Photos / Files back on a stick and the Laptop back as good as new with latest Windows 10 loaded, Phil's licensed for this. All this done overnight at a great price. So if you want it repaired then speak to Phil who has years in the game and will definitely not rip you off. Mr D G.

Dave G.
12th Aug '20

Brilliant in all senses of the word.

My Lenovo Laptop recently went into Blue Screen mode with a Critical Message displayed. I tried to get back into it in Safe Mode but that never went. I was completely stuck and not wanting to lose any files or old Photo's I hunted the reviews to get the thing sorted or at best my photo's back. I found Phil at Software Solutions (Wigan) and the Genius came and collected it with the promise he would do his best. He did better than that. Photos / Files back on a stick and the Laptop back as good as new with latest Windows 10 loaded, Phil's licensed for this. All this done overnight at a great price. So if you want it repaired then speak to Phil who has years in the game and will definitely not rip you off. Mr D G.

John R
6th Aug '20

Excellent service & value, 5star all the way & would certainly recommend him to anyone. Took laptop in as couldn't get on on internet or load windows10. Got a call 2 hours later to say all problems had been resolved & he had loaded an adblocker so I no longer get pop ups & adverts.

Anthony R. Parkinson.
25th Jul '20

Called in today regarding a problem connecting new phone to my computer. Phil solved the problem in about 3 minutes flat. Have dealt with him before and found him to be an excellent person and technician. Very pleasant and helpful and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Phil.

Mrs S Unsworth
3rd Jun '20

Took my old laptop to Phil yesterday very helpful and polite. He replaced a charging port and cleaned the fan and keyboard and tightened the hinges on the lid. The work was complete in an hour. Would highly recommend. Thank you.

paul wynn
7th May '20

last week I had a laptop and column pc failure, my daughter searched on yell and software solutions came up as being ,well recommended, having phoned and spoke to phil I felt
confident in him to sort out my problems. phil collected my laptop the same day and returned it the next day "what a guy" picked up my pc sorted the problem and back to me
in 2 days. 5 star treatment from a 5 star company. I well recommend this company for any I.T problems.

18th Feb '20

The service and after service at Software Solutions on Park Road is second to none and my comments lie over a 2 year period.
Phil is always in the same helpful informative mood and never pushes for sales.
Many thanks for all your help and assistance and advice. Good luck for the future.

Steve Owens
11th Jan '20

I took my granddaughter’s laptop to Phil today. It had been malfunctioning and had some unwanted “infections “.
Although he was very busy he took time to sort it out whilst explaining what what was wrong.
His pricing is very reasonable and his service is impeccable.
I recommend Phil, without reservation, for all computer requirements.
Thanks Phil.

ken gibson
2nd Jan '20

I bought a lap top from Phil some time ago and found him to be really very helpful. he did not try to oversell me something I did not need but matched his sale to my needs. When I have needed some advice he has unfailingly provided it (free!). I recently had trouble with my old desk top and he repaired it in quick time and at a very reasonable price. I would not hesitate to recommend Phil and Software Solutions to all my friends. They really are first class

ken gibson
1st Jan '20

I bought a lap top from Phil and found him very helpful and not one to try to sell me things I did not need. I subsequently have had cause to consult him regarding problems with a desk top machine. I have found him thorough,courteous, very helpful and very reasonably priced. I will never go anywhere else for my computer needs. Thankyou Phil

Harold Brockley
29th Nov '19

I contacted Phil regarding a PC issue. He gave me advice how to fix the issue, which I followed and the problem was resolved. You do not get many companies who will do this for you, top man.

Peter and Ann Murphy
25th Nov '19

Following a catastrophic computer failure, we were advised to consult Phil at Software Solutions. Phil is clearly a very knowledgeable and tremendously enthusiastic man and was determined to find a solution., which he did and at a good and reasonable price. All of the documents we thought were lost were recovered and the performance of our computer was upgraded. We would have no hesitation in consulting Phil again if we experience any problems in future. So what do you get? A huge depth of knowledge and enthusiasm and a determination to provide the customer with a solution at the lowest possible cost and at the best price. We are more than happy to recommend Phil’s services wholeheartedly.

Shelagh bussell
23rd Nov '19

What a great service this man provides though the problem on my computer was created by me he was extremely patient and fixed my computer with the minimum of fuss definitely recommend the lovely man

Mick Edwards
5th Nov '19

Took an old laptop in to Phil.It has setimental value.Phil got it runing cool and got rid of a lot of crawley. Would not let me spend on upgrades that would not be worth the cost.Excellent service.

Harry Turner
17th Oct '19

Bought a lap top from Phil recently and he was very helpful in transferring all my files and photos etc from my old lap to the new one. Then Phil helped again a few days later with the setting up of an external dvd writer. Top Man. Would recommend to friends.

David Prescott
5th Oct '19

Phil sorted my laptop out this morning with great skill and speed .Never expected it to be fixed today
but I was up and running within the hour .I thoroughly recommend Software Solutions Wigan Ltd

Frank Newman
2nd Oct '19

Phil is a brilliant person. He knows what he's talking about. He's sorted my pc out again for me, and it's working great. Thank you

Ade Lowe
23rd Sep '19

Truly brilliant service from Phil. Efficient and friendly, he really knows his stuff and gives excellent service at a good price, with advice on what you need and how to save money. I've already recommended him to friends and he'll now be my "go-to" guy for anything IT related.

Jane Featherstone
16th Sep '19

Happy with the service very reliable and honest would highly recommend this firm x

Laura McDonald
20th Jul '19

Called at Software solutions Saturday morning with a problem Phil the owner was so helpful and solved my problem then and there. Thanks for good service would recommend him to friends

Alma Johnson
11th Jun '19

Thanks Phil for fixing my computer at short notice last week. Really impressed and pleased with what you've done. Only wish I'd known of your good reputation about two years ago, when I had a problem and ended up at a different shop, which was ok, but not excellent. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone in need of pc/computer/laptop help and to contact you again should I have a problem, in future.

19th May '19

I have brought several items to Phil to get advice for or be fixed, on every occasion Phil has done his very best to fix it on the spot. If anything requires parts that he does not have in stock, and a collection date and the time is given I have always been contacted before then and told to collect it. Phil is a genuine decent person and there is one thing I can guarantee, and that is you will not be over charged for the work done. I would highly recommend Phil to fix or give advice on any piece of equipment or software.

Thomas Edmund Smith (eddie smith}
14th Apr '19

Phil built me a new computer it was actually one he was half way through building .Very good price really pleased with it ,used the shop for various things plus advice,never been let down yet, nothing too much trouble,I recommend him for anything I.T.good man to deal with !!!.

Derek Liptrot
7th Apr '19

Phil repaired my laptop .
Superb service.Top man.Highly recommended.
You will not do better.

Lenny Jones
6th Apr '19

Sorted my laptop out once again this morning, Fast, friendly and great value.
What this guy doesn't know about laptops isn't worth knowing.
I would reccomend without hesitation.

Chris Higham
15th Mar '19

I hate it when things go wrong, who do you get to fix it that doesn't rip you off? If it's a computer, call Phil at Software Solutions better than Ghostbusters.
Highly recommend this company. Phil is top of the class in computers. Fixed mine and explained everything in layman's terms.

20th Feb '19

Took my laptop in for repair, Phil fixed it Very quickly and upgraded my hardware and software at a good price, nice guy and great service would recommend to anyone to visit his store.

Jim Middlehurst
16th Feb '19

Would recommend Software Solutions to anyone experiencing problems with their Software.Nothing was to much trouble for Phil.Will definitely use them for any future problems i may have.I will definitely spread the word.....

Phil OBrien
11th Feb '19

Excellent service, very reasonably priced, saved me a fortune. I had black screen on a Yoga 500 Lenovo which is usually 'the end' but Phil managed to resurrect it and now I have recovered my data and the laptop is working fine, thank you very much. Highly recommend.

19th Jan '19

Fabulous service, works hard to give you the best price possible for phone repairs and very efficient. Highly recommend.

Mark Sullivan
19th Jan '19

Yet again after 5 years of excellent help and expertise phil as helped to sort out my latest problem with my ps4. He is always helpful and professional in the service he offers. I would recommend phil 100% at software solutions to anybody who as IT issues.

18th Jan '19

Thanks Phill for sorting my computer out it took all of 10 minutes. Would definately recommend your firm to anyone and with my knowledge of computers i'll probbly be seeing you soon. Thanks once again.

john jones,,,wigan
29th Dec '18

sorted my laptop out in 10 mins,definatley reccomend this shop ..10/10

Ian Smith
28th Nov '18

What can I say other than I am so impressed with the overall service experience given by this business and in particular Phil. Passed the shop many times and then needed a new keyboard for my laptop. Called in with it, was given a very competitive quote and without any deposit asked was handed a plug in keyboard to use while my new keyboard was ordered. Two days later phone call to say it had arrived. Phil fitted it while I waited - job done. Brilliant, thank you so much, I recommend you 100% to everyone with a computer problem.

14th Nov '18

Friendly reception, very professional approach. Overall excellent service.
Took my retro-gaming pc in on Tuesday afternoon, suffering from "white screen of oblivion", next morning got the message "It's done." First class service, explained the issues to me in plain English and charged a very reasonable fee.
Would recommend to anyone. Thank you.

Mark Sullivan
25th Sep '18

Yet again after 4 years of excellent help and expertise phil as helped to sort out my latest problem with my printer. He is always helpful and professional in the service he offers. We would recommend phil at software solutions to anybody who as IT issues.

Eric H
23rd Sep '18

My laptop had the dreaded blue screen of death, Phil not only sorted it at a very fair price but in my opinion went above and beyond the service you would hope to expect. Thanks Phil, I will recommend you to my friend and family in a heartbeat.

21st Sep '18

I can't praise Software Solutions enough. Over the last couple of years I've had countless problems with laptops/pc's etc. On each occasion Phil has been able to repair them. He is a mind of information and will usually have the problem fixed in no time. They are a friendly professional company with 5 star service and hard to beat prices. I would recommend them to anyone.

8th Sep '18

Excellent service,good price and fixed very quickly. Will definitely use again and recommend.

Sue Hartley
4th Sep '18

Always very helpful. Been in today with my printer , fixed in no time. Phil always
has time to explain things and for a novice like me that's great.

Mick Bentley
16th Aug '18

I was desperate for a quick photo copy …. finished up having a lovely conversation with a great bloke … You always remember when you have been treated well as a human being …. I will be looking Phil up again ….

8th Aug '18

Phils knowledge and expertise always amazes me.Had a problem with my computer tower,Phil fixed it within the hour at a very reasonable price.Would not hesitate in recommending him.Z

Shaun fairhurst from garswood
31st Jul '18

Called into his shop with my laptop and he explained it only needdd a small battery which i recieved for free and he gave me so much help and usefull information thats i can later use. I would highly reccomend to anyone!

30th Jul '18

Exceptional service from an excellent technician who will provide first class repairs and upgrades at a fabulous price and in quick time. Highly recommended!

chris hatton-fahey
26th Jul '18

first class service, and there's a smile.
Phil knows his stuff,and his charges are great,there is no better place to have your work done ---thaank goodness he's in wiga.T

Harold ashurst
4th Jul '18

Phil did a super job repairing my laptop and retrieving its information. He saved me a lot of money. I'd thoroughly recommend him

George Brunt
15th Jun '18

My old 10yr Laptop finally gave up,and ceased to function.whent to see PHIL,and yet again he sorted me out with a super fast Laptop at a Great price.
Thanks for your wonderful service. I cannot recommend Software Solutions highly enough.

Luke Rainford
14th Apr '18

Motherboard was fried in gaming PC. Repair was completed the next day. New mobo, new CPU and GPU installed. Great service and reasonable price. Recommended.

Kearn Marriott
30th Mar '18

Bought replacement parts for my son's laptop and took them to Phil at Sotware Solutions. He had to strip the whole Laptop down to fit a new base, Dc Adapter and palmrest with the mouse built in. I dropped it off just after midday and he rang me back at 2pm stating it was all sorted and he had serviced it, cleaned fan and sorted out a sound issue. He did not charge much in my opinion for this level of service. I would highly recommend Software Solutions to anyone and will be using them in future for any pc/laptop issues. Thankyou Phil you are a top bloke and know your stuff

Phil and Jane
12th Mar '18

Did a home visit and sorted out a problem we had with our wireless printer. Very knowledgeable and would highly recommend.

julia wraith
12th Mar '18

Excellent service every time and very reasonable, I would not use anywhere else for quality repairs

15th Feb '18

Phil reallyy does go above and beyond to help you.Very friendly guy.Wouldn't go anywhere els.I would highly recomend him.Thanks Phil.

David Makinson
10th Feb '18

My old Dell PC eventually reached the end of its life. I needed a new PC but not one that came with loads of unneeded stuff or restrictions on size which come when you buy direct from a supplier.

I went to Software Solutions and Phil built me a desktop PC to my spec at a really good price.

I had a couple of issues with Windows 10 (having previously been a Windows XP user) and Phil sorted these easily.

He also sorted out a problem last week when Windows 10 wouldn’t load properly. All this at no cost at all.

I would recommend Software Solutions to anybody needing personal assistance from a PC expert.

Many Thanks, Phil

9th Feb '18

my laptop died on me thursday AM. took it to software solutions that day, 24 hours later back in full use at a very decent price. thanks again lads

5th Feb '18

Well what can i say every time i have issue with PC phil is there to sort it out even when his wife was in hostpital he found the time to still help me out and other customers
so thanks phil.
If anyone has any issues don't hesitate to get down to software solutions for a profesional help and support from a qualified registered microsoft engineer.

27th Jan '18

I'd written my laptop off and called in to buy a replacement but Phil said he'd look at the laptop. Dropped it off after 5pm on a Friday and it was all sorted with a new hard-drive early afternoon the day after so he's saved me a good few £££. Phil had added various useful programs (including security and word processing package) without being prompted and it's now like having a brand new machine as I upgraded from WIndows 7 to Windows 10. Very happy with the service and price and would definitely recommend and use again.

Sue Coventry
27th Dec '17

Visited Software Solutions today with my notebook, the screen had frozen & not worked for a few weeks. A couple of hours later said screen fixed-notebook working again.
Thanks for the speedy excellent service. Would defo recommend.

Dan Down
28th Nov '17

Brilliant service from Phil and for a very good price. My laptop crashed, the dreaded "blue screen" of death appeared. Phil said no problem and 24 hrs later with a new hard drive, Windows 10 updated and computer serviced, it was ready. What a difference, faster, and once I had got used to the new Windows, much easier to use. It was so good that I dragged my old Dell desktop computer out and took it in. Result exactly the same brilliant service, great price and this time an even faster computer. Very highly recommended for his excellent service, his enthusiasm and especially his prices.

27th Nov '17

Once again Phil has sorted out my computer. Able to park right outside the shop. He is quick, and knows what to do to get everything working correctly.
His prices are so reasonable and you can watch what he is doing to your computer.
Hope I don't need him again but he is the best one I know.
I have told him I hope he is still around for many more years.

29th Sep '17

Good sound service at decent prices, I would recommend to all.

Cheryl Halsall
19th Sep '17

Within our family we have used Phil several times with excellent results. He fixed my son's laptop that had stumped everybody else I took it to (and for a very reasonable price). My husband has just taken his Ipad to him and fixed immediately. I wouldn't take our computer equipment to anyone else.

Chrissie Lowe
9th Sep '17

Lovely friendly helpful man

Got my iPad started for me again yesterday and gave me lots of sensible advice for what to do if it happened again.

Would definitely use again and recommend his work

16th Aug '17

I have been using Phil's services for several years now & whether the problem has been major or minor I have always found him to be extremely knowlegable, helpful, courteous & honest. His prices are very competitive, I have recommended him to others many times & will continue to do so.

15th Aug '17

I have been using Phil at Software Solutions for the past 5 to 6 years, he is very reliable, honest, quick, and very reasonably priced. He has done all types of work for me, computer, tablets, printer problems etc, and I have always been completely satisfied with his workmanship and prices. I would not go anywhere else, I wholeheartly recommend him, you will not be disappointed.

15th Aug '17

I have been dealing with Phil at Software Solutions, for 5 or 6 years now, I can honestly say he is the best - very knowledgeable, very honest, any problems with computers, laptops, tablets, printers, he can do it all. I have been extremely satisfied with all work he has carried out for me and his prices are very reasonable. I can wholeheartedly recommend him, you will not be disappointed.

24th May '17

Had my iPad mini screen repaired here will be using again my daughter is a happy bunny

Alan Kendrick
8th Mar '17

I bought a cheap laptop from Phil last year and unfortunately this week it died while using it. I took it back into phil and he declared it goosed. He supplied me at cost price another laptop to replace mine and has since spent 7 hours retrieving my data and photo's from my dead laptop. His expertise is fantastic and his help and customer service are second to none. I would recommend "Software Solutions Wigan" to anyone.

John Bowden
15th Feb '17

What a great guy, sorted out my own PC and also helped with my home based work set up.

Worth every penny and very highly recommended

30th Jan '17

Very helpful,knowledgeable and cheap as chips. Thank you so much.....

Holly s
19th Oct '16

I bought a sumvision pc off Phil and when I encountered any problems he was very quick to fix it, very efficient and very helpful, I wouldn't go anywhere else for pc help and advice

Mr Devonport
8th Oct '16

Fantastic service i recieved from Phil at software solutions wigan.
He has managed to recover my data from our damaged laptop and have our laptop up and running again and the service was so quick i was expecting to have this back in a few weeks but this was done within 24 hours.
Thanks Dave.

23rd Sep '16

I have known phil since school always been very honest an friendly. I have had problems with my pc an took to different people but never fixed phil took it away an sorted it. I have had my play station fixed an my kids lap tops always top rate service would not go to anyone else. Keep up the hard work phil it pays off in the end

Kathryn D
12th Aug '16

I cannot thank Phil enough for repairing my laptop. Id previously taken the laptop to PC World for repair. What shocking service there... away 10 days then returned, supposedly repaired, but was exactly the same as when I took it in. Decided to ditch any repair with them and took my laptop to Phil. Phil had it sorted within a few hours and the fault turned out to completely different to that supposedly repaired and paid for at PC World. I cannot thank Phil enough. Laptop working and all data still there. Big sigh of relief! First class service all round. Without doubt I would recommend Phil....excellent guy and knows his stuff.... thank you one again!

8th Jul '16

had my sat nav updated with free maps Phil had to phone up and re register my device and download the updates now I am able to use it again also great prices on. Laptops new and used this guy is very experienced in what he does fantastic service 

D WInstanley
8th Jun '16

Had my iPad repaired as item was dead Phil the owner managed to have this up and running within 24 hours and also recovered my photos onto a DVD disk superb service and a top top bloke.

Steve 97
11th Apr '16

Laptop repair 5 star
Forgot to add, I rate Phil's service very highly. He could have said I needed a new screen or even a complete replacement but didn't.I wouldn't have known any different. Nice to find a genuinely honest person who has pride in their service these days. I won't hesitate to return to this shop if I need any further repairs or when I need a replacement for my laptop.

Steve 97
11th Apr '16

Laptop repair
I recently took a laptop into the shop for Phil to have a look at. The screen picture was breaking up and the machine was running very slow. Phil immediately suggested possible problems from a faulty comms ribbon or worse case scenario the screen maybe u/s. He said I'd have to leave it with him overnight and he'd be back to me when he had stripped it down and found the problems. He rang me a hour later to say it was the ribbon and not the screen and he would order the part in and in the meantime he would speed the laptop processor up. End result, laptop back up to speed, charged a minimal amount for the parts and had my machine serviced why it was in. Excellent service, would highly recommend Phil's services .

Paul Grimshaw
8th Apr '16

Phil was extremely helpful. I thought I needed a new computer and he could of quite easily sold me one. He told me he could make its performance better and plugged it into his system. Within a while it was much better. He did not charge me for this service.

What an honest, trustworthy family run business. I would recomennd this company to anyone 100%!

Thanks Phil

Mark V
31st Mar '16

First Class Service.
Phil has helped me out on at least three occasions, last time curing my Windows 10 - printer problem in minutes (saving me hours of swearing at the screen and tearing my hair out). He's a honest guy who looks after computer illiterate people like me without poking fun! His prices are very reasonable and the service is prompt. Would recommend the shop to anyone.

john mason
29th Feb '16

phil has fixed a pc and laptop for me over the last couple of years,the repair prices
were very good compared with others.he also sorted the laptop again with some
good advice.phil is a good honest guy and i will always recommend him to others

1st Feb '16

I had the dreaded Blue Screen of Death on my aged PC and popped in to Software Solutions more in hope than expectation. Phil immediately identified several possible causes and was really keen to help. The following day he spent several hours working on the problem and managed to fix a faulty hard drive. He contacted me promptly and would only take a nominal payment for restoring a computer I had all but given up on.

Phil's expertise and enthusiasm are really impressive and I would not hesitate to contact him again should I have any computing problems,
and will recommend his excellent service to friends.

Iain Davies
20th Jan '16

Want to thank Phil at software solutions for repairing my apple mac laptop.

18th Jan '16

A great service at very reasonable prices. Nothing is too much trouble, brilliantCAP

James b
8th Jan '16

Want to thank Phil at software solutions Wigan as he tested our laptop charger and found that the power socket was not working on laptop
MY laptop was fixed within 24 hours.I will be recommending your company to all my friends and co workers thanks James.

22nd Dec '15

The shop is small and Phil is not very tall.
But the service cannot be bettered.
He has recently fixed a problem with my printer, and cleaned the PC and checked it so it is now working faster. Much cheaper than other quotes.
He has also this week, repaired a remote control for one of our TVs. Would not take payment as he could not check if the remote would work with the TV.
So will make a donation next time we are passing the shop.
Will definitely use again

Colin Shawx
7th Dec '15

took my computer to software solutions with a windows 10 problem. it was sorted within the day at a more than fair price.
I found phil really helpful to me and he explained everything he had done and the comp. is now better than ever.
Iwouldnt hesitate to recommend software solutions to anyone.

Susan Gambles
28th Oct '15

I am so impressed with this local company. The knowledge and expertise that Phil has is exceptional. The service is second to none and I am already recommending Software Solutions to family, friends and colleagues. As new start up business he really helped me to get set up, with the quality, appropriate IT equipment and software packages. Phil tailored these to my needs at an unbelievable low price. In addition he performed magic getting my old but well loved laptop working again, which was both time consuming and difficult. In addition his after sales support and complimentary additional extras are excellent. I really have confidence in his abilities and products. The stock that he has will suit any budget and level of requirement, his shop is well worth a visit or give him a call if you need advice you wont be disappointed.

Dave T
16th Oct '15

Fantastic service fixed my laptop as it was over heating price cannot be beaten thanks Phil.

Fantastic service
8th Oct '15

I've had to visit Phil at Software Solutions 4 times with a couple of our laptops, and every time he has been very helpful, done a fantastic job, and I know that he will do the work as quickly as he can. I trust what Phil tells me, and he offers excellent value for money for a quality service.

1st Class - Totally Recommended
8th Oct '15

What Phil doesn't know about computers probably isn't worth knowing. If you need a system - he can sort it. If you need specifics - he can sort it. If you have a problem - he can sort it.

I first bought a refurbished laptop from him two years ago for £250. To be honest I expected it to last 4-5 months. 2 years on it is still going strong. Why spend £700-800 when you can have a specific system for a 1/3rd of the price.

Phil. Genuinely nice person and always glad to help.

Alan Miller – 4 star
8th Oct '15

Got my playstation fix here was very quick I hadnt even got home and was fixed

Joanne Crusham – 5 star
8th Oct '15

Highly recommended this company. Communication first class. From walking in to walking out the standard of service was fantastic... Went above and beyond to help us fix my sons iPad. Thank you so much.

Tamla Bullen – 5 star
8th Oct '15

Highly recommend this company as the service, communication and products themselves are outstanding. Stressing at the last minute before christmas to get sorted and it was all taken care of with a prompt, easy and hassle free conversation. Could not meet a more genuine and happy gent. Thankyou so much again and all the best for your future success with the company.

Philip Rowlands – 5 star
8th Oct '15

Wanted too put a rating up myself as the owner and worker of my company honestly lots of hard work has been put into this and it all takes time too become established.
We always try too make sure our customers get good value for money for our products we supply and we always make sure the after sales and aftercare is still provided too each and everyone of our customers.We also have helped and give free advice when needed
We have a long way too go but each day as it comes and fingers crossed we can open up another shop in the near future.

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